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The Lore of Mythology captures our imaginations and its magic fills our desire for the seemingly impossible. Reading the stories and steeping ourselves in these Greek and Roman characters can draw our attention to a time filled with gods and goddesses, heroes and heroines, and the epic battle of good versus evil. The interactions between mortal man and gods can be extremely dramatic and seemingly farfetched. While these myths were usually meant to teach a lesson or illustrate a moral, for today’s audience, they are more often than not, sheer entertainment.

Did Venus’s Jealousy Affect the Life of her Son, Cupid?

Venus Cropped

Known as the Roman goddess of love, Venus was a curator of all things beautiful and pleasurable. You may also be familiar with her Grecian name, Aphrodite. In the Roman tradition, she was named Venus after the brightest object in the sky, the Sun.  Imagine possessing such beauty!  She could often be viewed as a character who was a bit unconventional or as goddess who was kind and generous. There are many stories depicting Venus as a main character starring in her own love affair or intervening in the lives of others. She was often jealous of other goddesses or mortals who drew the attention and reverence of others. Often this jealously would cause her to strike out, her ire wreaking havoc and causing great distress to others. This would even include those she loved.

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