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Questions and Answers

regarding our products and services

How long does it take to ship an order?

Generally, upon receipt of your payment, we commit to shipping your order within 48 hours.  We generally ship using USPS Priority Mail.  If you prefer UPS or Fedex, we can probably accommodate those methods too. You would need to contact us prior to making the purchase.

Do you ship internationally?

As a general rule, we do not currently ship internationally; however, you can send us an email and inquire if it might be possible to ship to your country.

What is the Return Policy?

We do our best to make the experience of purchasing jewelry and objets d’art as enjoyable as possible.  If you have any questions regarding your purchase, please contact us via email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Jewelry can be returned for a full refund within 10 days of receipt and within 30 days for an in-store credit.  If you have purchased any edible items such as my Special Reserve Tupelo Honey, they can only be returned if they remain unopened and sealed by the manufacturer as originally shipped to you.

Step 1: Return Merchandise Authorization

In order to make a return, please contact Olde World Treasures at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA).  Once you have received the RMA, please take great care in wrapping the item for protection during shipping.  If you have received merchandise that has a DNR or Do Not Remove Tag affixed to it, you are required to return it with this tag in place. 

Step 2: Packaging and Labels

Please complete the Return Form on your shipping document.  Be sure to include the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) that you have been given, attach the form to your package and return it to us within 10 days of receipt for a full refund or 30 days for an in-store credit.  Items must be returned to: Olde World Treasures, 8 Coach Road, Stratham, New Hampshire 03885.

Step 3:  Care and Shipping

Because the safe return of your package is as important to Olde World Treasures as it is to you, please insure your package for the full value listed on the invoice. Ship your package via USPS Priority Mail with Tracking and request a return receipt, which will assure you that your package has arrived at Olde World Treasures.

Merchandise returned is the responsibility of the sender until it is signed for Olde World Treasures.  All jewelry will be inspected by our gemologist prior to the refund being processed.  Please allow 2 weeks for returns processing through our facility.  If you have any questions please email Customer Care at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further assistance.

Do you offer Layaway?

Layaways are available.  I offer a traditional layaway plan and cannot send the item purchased until it is completely paid for.  Generally, I require a 25% down payment and three additional monthly payments of 25%.  If you should need other options, please email me and I hope to be able to suit your needs.  Layaways cannot be processed through the general website.  Please contact me to set it up manually.

Who is Nino Tagliamonte?

Nino and his wife, Lorena are the owners of Tagliamonte Vicenza.  Their gold and metal working company is located in Vicenza, Italy.  Their Venetian Glass cameo factory is located in Venice, Italy.   

Their company continues the tradition of Tagliamonte founded in Torre del Greco, (near Naples) in 1943, but has dedicated its activity to the production of Venetian Cameo jewelry since 1985.  This decision represented a major change in the company’s direction.  This change in direction has proven to be quite successful as these creations have become the firm's principal product. In fact, Tagliamonte can be considered the only company in the world that manufactures this kind of gemstone.  Its exclusivity is not limited to the production itself, but also includes the masterful use of a "classical" iconographic repertory.  Tagliamonte’s Venetian Cameos with their fascinating forms are a kind of seduction that belongs to another age.

How does one care for Tagliamonte jewelry?

Each piece of Tagliamonte jewelry will include a Romance Brochure and polishing cloth.  Care should be taken not to submerge any piece, for any length of time in a jewelry cleaning solution.

It is our sincere hope that you will enjoy the piece you have purchased for many years to come.  From time to time, all fine jewelry might need to be adjusted with care, especially Sterling Silver pieces.  Silver by nature, is a softer metal, so if you notice that any part has loosened, please see your jeweler.

Does Tagliamonte offer any warranty?

Each genuine piece of Tagliamonte jewelry comes with a romance card and a one-year warranty provided the piece has not been altered or tampered with. It will be repaired at no charge during this period.  I have been working with Nino Tagliamonte since 1995 and handle all Customer Care for Tagliamonte Vicenza in the United States as well as some other areas in the world. You can feel very confident with any purchase you make from me.  If you have any questions, please contact me.

What is a cameo?

A cameo is generally thought of as a piece of jewelry, typically oval in shape that consists of a portrait in profile carved in relief on a background of a different color.  Most often, they are thought to be carved from large shells. 

What is a Tagliamonte Venetian Glass Cameo/ Intaglio?

A Tagliamonte Venetian Glass cameo is a hand made gem crafted from incandescent glass.  They are considered gemstones throughout the world because of all the intricate hand work that is done on them. They are available in a variety of colors, but the exact color is only established once the cameo has cooled. Tagliamonte has special, proprietary formulas for their glass, some even contain pure gold. 

The company now has a collection of over three thousand matrices, partly original and partly modern castings, and can produce Venetian Cameo gems identical to the antique originals created by the Romans.  The antique castings place an outline for a design on the Venetian glass and then the “maestro” or skilled artisan uses various carving techniques to hand work the gem.  Producing these kinds of cameos is an extremely labor intensive process.

The term “cameo” refers to a design that is produced that protrudes off the background often referred to as a design in “bas relief”.  It becomes a very 3-dimensional design.

The term “intaglio” refers to a design that is carved into the material.

What kind of metals and gemstones are used in Tagliamonte jewelry?

Tagliamonte crafts jewelry from 14-Karat gold, 18-Karat gold, 925 Sterling Silver, and Bronze on occasion; all precious, noble metals.  In addition to the hand crafted Venetian gemstones, Tagliamonte hand selects precious and semi-precious gemstones curated from the earth’s bounty.

How are the designs selected for use in the cameos or intaglios?

The designs of Tagliamonte’s Venetian glass cameos/intaglios come from their original Greek and Roman Collection of matrices.  They start with ancient models and gain inspiration from them and then create a jewel around that masterpiece.  Their classic designs feature Mythological scenes with Greek and Roman figures. There are portraits, seals, signets, heraldic symbols, divinities, masks, some 3000 designs, all influenced by history and fables passed from generation to generation.

Some of the most popular designs are of Angels because they are the personification of all good things, good news and love, all resulting in the flow of positive energies. 

But, Tagliamonte’s jewelry is not just focused on a particular age.  For example, the Marina Collection comes from Nino’s love for nature and the environment.  In his free time he has enjoyed scuba diving throughout his life. This love of the sea and all of its beauty lent itself beautifully to this collection. 

The Botticelli Collection represented a revolution in the history of the Tagliamonte  design concept. The transformation consisted in an interpretation of a jewel no longer inspired by the classical Greek/ Roman mythology, but by an inspiration generated by Renaissance Painter Sandro Botticelli and particularly the enigmatic  "La Primavera"  where a graceful maiden, Flora,,  represents  the gentle spring season and renewal. The floral motifs in the painting are delicate both in form and color tones and are said to be invigorated by Zephyr's light refreshing breeze.

Who is Samuel B.?

Samuel Behnam is a New York based jewelry designer and founder of the Samuel B. Collection. Inspired by the immeasurable beauty of nature and the ancient traditions of Balinese and Thai jewelry craftsmanship, Samuel has made designing stunning jewelry his life’s work. 

For over 35 years, Samuel has been traveling the world and drawing inspiration from exotic locations, his love of art, and the kaleidoscope of color found in nature. From the exotic beaches and lush forests of Asia, to the crystal-clear waters of New Zealand, Samuel recognizes that the potential of nature’s bounty is limitless.

Revered for his sophisticated ability to infuse contemporary design with old-world techniques, Samuel’s jewelry has a timeless appeal and honors tradition. Partnering with some of the finest jewelry artisans in Bali, many of whom are direct descendants of the Royal Court of Bali, and Thailand has guaranteed that each piece of jewelry from the Samuel B. collection embodies perfection.

Does Samuel B. offer any warranty?

Each genuine piece of Samuel B. jewelry comes with a one-year warranty provided it has not been altered or tampered with. It will be repaired at no charge during this period.  In order to activate your limited one-year warranty, you must register your Samuel Behnam purchase at samuelb.com. Once registered, please send your repair with a copy of your invoice and phone number to:

Samuel Behnam Collection Repair Dept., 98 Cuttermill Road, Suite 246 South, Great Neck, NY 11021 516-466-1826.

How does one care for Samuel B. jewelry?

Each piece of Samuel B jewelry will include a Romance Brochure and polishing cloth.  Care should be taken not to submerge any piece, for any length of time in a jewelry cleaning solution. The more often you wear your Samuel B Jewelry, the less you will need to polish it.  The specially treated cloth included with your purchase should be used for the care and cleaning of your Samuel B pieces.  Please do not use creams, dips, lotions or powder on this design.  Gently rub the jewelry with the white inner cloth.  As the shine returns to the piece, the cloth will turn black.  This shows that the cloth is working.  Do not wash the cloth.  Do not use the cloth on any stones on the jewelry.  Finish your pieces by buffing the jewelry with the outer cloth, restoring the patina to your treasured piece.

It is our sincere hope that you will enjoy the piece you have purchased for many years to come.  From time to time, all fine jewelry might need to be adjusted with care, especially Sterling Silver pieces.  Silver by nature, is a softer metal, so if you notice that any part has loosened, please see your jeweler.

What kind of metals and gemstones are used in Samuel Behnam jewelry?

Each handcrafted piece of silver jewelry from Samuel B. is brought to life by hand-selected diamonds, gemstones, pearls, polished shell, and 18-karat gold adornments. Indicative of nature’s perfect imperfections, Samuel strives to ensure every single ring, pendant, earring and bracelet is one-of-a-kind and exemplifies his proud philosophy, one at a time, one of a kind, each by hand.

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