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SAMUEL B *BJC* (57306B.A) 925SS/18K Braided Tulang Naga Bracelet *Brazilian Amethyst*

MSRP: $499


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This Samuel B braided bracelet is designed in a heavy 925 Sterling Silver with 18K yellow gold accents in the form fleur di lis.  The focal point of this bracelet is the large oval faceted Amethyst stone, set in a braided silver bezel.  The 18K accents flank each end of the Amethyst stone. As you move closer to the braided bracelet portion, there are multiple 18K beads placed using the Jawan technique described below. There is a full under gallery and a slide insert clasp. This is a significant piece, sure to garner a lot of attention.  A piece that will be treasured for a lifetime! 

The Tulang Naga or Dragon Tail is the design of the Balinese chain. Every chain is woven entirely by hand.  A few inches of this intricate cross-woven chain can occupy a craftsman for hours. A perfect combination of strength and flexibility ensures that the bracelet or necklace will conform perfectly to the shape of your body. Details of every intricate pattern are enhanced by the remarkable ability of the Balinese artists to carve, hammer and chisel details unique to their artistry.  Precious and semi-precious gemstones add another dimension of light, cut, color and shape to the creation.  Stones are carefully selected and imported from major cutting centers of the world.  Each piece exhibits the perfect combination of 18K, 14K and 925 Sterling Silver with the addition of a granulation technique known as Jawan.  This technique is mastered by a few and consists of adding small individual granule beads of gold to the surface of the jewelry to create a timeless classic.

MSRP: $499


  • Stone Information: (1) 9x7mm faceted Amethyst
  • Note: See Care section below
  • Metal: 925 Sterling Silver with 18k Accents
  • Bracelet Measurements:  Size: 7-3/4" x 1/2" x 3/8"
  • Fit:  Due to the girth of the bracelet, it fits up to a 7-1/2" wrist
  • Weight: 28.5 grams
  • Fastening: Slide insert
  • Brand: Samuel B: All Samuel B designs are handmade.
  • Country of Origin: Bali, Indonesia
  • Authentic Markings: Yes
  • Warranty Information:  Each genuine piece of Samuel Behnam jewelry comes with a one-year warranty provided it has not been altered or tampered with. It will be repaired at no charge during this period.  In order to activate your limited one year warranty, you must register your Samuel Behnam purchase at Once registered, please send your repair with a copy of your invoice and phone number to:  Samuel Behnam Collection Repair Dept., 98 Cuttermill Road, Suite 246 South, Great Neck, NY 11021 516-466-1826
  • Care: The more often you wear your Samuel B Jewelry, the less you will need to polish it.  The specially treated cloth included with your purchase should be used for the care and cleaning of your Samuel B pieces.  Please do not use creams, dips, lotions or powder on this design.  Gently rub the jewelry with the white inner cloth.  As the shine returns to the piece, the cloth will turn black.  This shows that the cloth is working.  Do not wash the cloth.  Do not use the cloth on any stones on the jewelry.  Finish your pieces by buffing the jewelry with the outer cloth, restoring the patina to your treasured piece.
  • 20% of all proceeds goes to support the Maria Pearl Memorial Fund for high school senior scholarships for seniors seeking a future in the teaching profession. Maria Pearl passed away at the young age of 16 from an AVM which is similar to a brain aneurysm. Her story is that of a beautiful girl who sought to make a difference in the lives of others in some way, every day of her life.